Day & Night: Outer Space.  In this latest volume of VICTION-VICTION's best-selling Day & Night series, young readers are invited to explore the exciting possibilities of life in outer space by taking a closer look at what (extra)terrestrials get up to across two illustrated 1.4-meter long panoramas complete with key constellations.

Day And Night: Outer Space

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Explore the endless excitement of life in outer space! From interplanetary voyages to twinkling star clusters farther than our eyes can see, this dazzling all-access pass to the universe takes you on a journey across time and space to discover the wonders that lie beyond our horizon. Astronomical adventure awaits in the form of fascinating facts, perplexing puzzles, and luminous illustrations that light your path to an out-of-this-world trip like no other. 

ISBN: 9789887462828

21.6 x 33.7 cm