The cover of this notebook imagines tourism to Mars in a future world where space tourism is commonplace. Part of NASA’s official Space Tourism range of futuristic decor. Title reads 'Mars: Multiple tours available' with abstract designs of astronauts and rockets.

Nasa Mars Notebook

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Make your note-taking dreams come true with this marvellous Martian masterpiece. With dynamic contrasting colours and bold angular shapes, this gloriously groovy Mars Notebook imagines a world years in the future and lightyears away where space vacations are commonplace.

Scientific specifications meet extraordinary artistry in NASA’s official Space Tourism range of fantastical futuristic posters promoting trips to infinity and beyond in a cosmically creative collaboration.

The imagery may be out-of-this-world, but this Mars Notebook was made right here in Aotearoa complete with blank pages ideal for sketching, note-taking, and everything in between.  

13 x 18 x 3cm 
130 blank pages (98 cream, 32 craft paper)
Hard cover, exposed binding