The cover of this notebook imagines tourism to exoplanet Trappist-1e in a future world where space tourism is commonplace. Part of NASA’s official Space Tourism range of futuristic decor.  Title reads 'Planet hop from Trappist-1e' and shows people observing a night sky with large planets visible from a window.

Nasa Trappist-1e Notebook

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Usher in the age of Aquarius and bring your note-taking dreams to life with this Trappist-1e Notebook. 40 lightyears go by in a flash as you are transported to explore the vast oceans of Trappist-1e, an exoplanet in the Aquarius constellation. 

Scientific specifications meet extraordinary artistry in NASA’s official Space Tourism range of fantastical futuristic posters promoting trips to infinity and beyond in a cosmically creative collaboration.

The imagery may be out-of-this-world, but this Trappist-1e Notebook was made right here in Aotearoa complete with blank pages ideal for sketching, note-taking, and everything in between.


13 x 18 x 3cm 
130 blank pages (98 cream, 32 craft paper)
hard cover, exposed binding